Welcome To The ML Store, My Simple Store, Featuring Michelle LeAnn Life Groups! Here, you'll find amazing groups that interest you and empower you to pursue your passion with other like-minded individuals. 

Our Feature Group is the Entrepreneur Life Group! Finally, you can put your ideas in motion and collaborate with other brilliant Entrepreneurs in one place. Check out our information page here >> Michelle LeAnn Entrepreneur Life Group !

We run monthly specials and our whole promotion is about getting you where you want to be in the journey of LIFE with Michelle LeAnn Life Groups. 

We had your budget in mind :) Therefore, each group is economically priced for less than .47cents/day. Enjoy what we have to offer and sign up for one or even two groups TODAY! 

Featured Group Packages:

1 Year Ultimate Package is ONLY $224 - this package includes 4 in-person Jam Sessions that are exclusively provided to you as an Ultimate Member. You get to sit with the experts, glean from their years of experience and implement them in your Entrepreneurial Journey.

1 Year Online Only Package is ONLY $84 - this package is strictly online and experienced from the comforts of your home or on the go. Below are benefits of joining:

Through this group you will:

  • Gain knowledge of the resources available to you as an Entrepreneur.
  • Learn ways to generate multiple streams of income
  • Understand who you are as an Entrepreneur and how valuable you are to the business industry
  • Understand the ups and downs of Entrepreneurship and strategies to overcome
  • Find out why you’re really “not” crazy but Genius
  • Find your voice as an Entrepreneur and learn from other Entrepreneurs
  • Gain needed support and a unique community to help you on your Journey
  • Learn how to build the capacity and stamina to juggle everyday life and your dreams without going bunkers…
  • And more!

Until Next Time, Always Remember, YOU MATTER! 

Sincerely, Michelle LeAnn, Founder|Coach|Entrepreneur Friend